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Tristan is an ex-twink who lives with his partner in Adam's Morgan. And basically that’s all….


Tristan's closest acquaintances describe him as the result of desperate circumstances and as having very little or no personality and even fewer interests. He prefers to think of himself as someone who adjusts himself with dignity to his circumstances and surrender gracefully the things of youth. Poor Tristan had a very reclusive uneventful but privileged extended childhood, disrupted by a substance abuse issue at kindergarten which was handled very seriously by an excellent specialized institution. After having been legitimately kicked out from paradise around 22, he was banished to the United States and very opportunistically began to sleep with arrogant and ill-mannered boys first as a full time job and later, because he had to make a more substantive living, more leisurely. Of the handful of WASP Americans he ended up dating in his youth, whose only common denominator was that none of them ever made him laugh, he has no memories besides wide-screen TVs, endless chemically enhanced parties, boring conversation and shaved chests. But let's not look mournfully into the past: the outcomes of his 5,5 years in the US were, astonishingly enough, a superfluous and disruptive set of ethics, a strong character, a receding hairline, a taste for the country side as well as, he confesses, a mild misanthropy. He also concluded that living in the gay USA is what happens to oneself if one doesn't eat spinach or beat-up his brother as a kid.