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Thursday, September 01, 2005



To the lovely obituary, please add: “Let us not forget that the mean little dwarf practiced driving in a go-cart in San Francisco with LL, a GPS voice-over and a trendy helmet (now certain to be found on the shelves of a Universal Gear near you, no doubt). Soon after, he achieved the nearly unattainable goal of acquiring a U.S. driver’s license – sadly, just days before his passing.”

Also, in news related to the latest obsession with little sewn-on alligators, I recently read an open letter in a newspaper addressing the gay – no, American – obsession with whatever is fashionable in the current moment. “Some of us will pay outrageous prices for items such as designer jeans because someone [FH? Ricardo Z.? Dr. Scott E.?] has influenced our perception of what is ‘cool.’ We are so gullible that, based on our perception of reality at different times, bell-bottoms and leisure suits have been both cool and a joke!”


I have called my lawye and told him that I would like you to write my obituary...

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