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Friday, September 02, 2005



Chou - I am getting addicted to your blog... ;-))


Response from the Editor to Diego

Dear Diego. We all love to hate me so I completely share your point of view on the entire paragraph about you in my entry in my blog: it is revolting, unnecessary and unfair. Yet our readers – rarely care enough about my point of view to react and I would like to thank you for taking the time to reply in a very thoughtful manner. Here at FHC’s resurrected blog, we have been truly overwhelmed and amazed at the level of details in your answer and the passion you put into it. Please send your other comments, if any, about other posts. Yet, as you pointed it out yourself, we cannot only make fun of the rich and celebrated and when stories like yours show up we cannot resist. Our apologies and mea culpa, YOU DID NOT WEAR A YELLOW BRACELET …. I made that up… YOU PROBABLY DID NOT PLAY WITH EMPTY CANS…. I lacked information on this part and made it up too…let's forget the lobotomies ......and yes indeed I am balding and Spanish and have known my share of venereal diseases. I acknowledge the threat of brutal physical violence on my person and will avoid you for a little while if that’s ok. Again Thank you for your patronage, we hope you will continue your healthy critics.


Open Letter from Diego to FHC HH.

"I'm very flattered to know you care enough to waste your worthless excuse for a life talking shit about someone as uncultured as me! Me, who never had anything against you, or said an ill word about you, despite your innumerable character flaws and messed up personality! Imagine that. You're really something else.

But I guess you feel a certain connection to me... I've lost count of my lobotomies and you've lost count of your STD's...

I know you are at the peak of your Napolean complex and that already started to mess up with your sight... but I would still like to point out a few things to you:

- I was NOT wearing a yellow wristband. As a matter of fact I don't even own one. Maybe you should reduce the quantity of acid and anti-depressives you are taking because that is causing you to see colors that are just not there.

- I know that a cure for baldness is still far from becoming a reality, but I don't think I will need a liver transplant before you get some hair implant.

- Maybe one day you will be cool enough to learn how to play with empty cans.

Thank god you have a blog so now people other than your mom can understand you. But I guess you never suffered that much since your buddies from manhunt can barely hear your lisp when you bend over.

So watch out next time you talk bad about someone from Brazil, you little Spanish queer... you may end up in the hospital for something other than treating your baldness or std's... Maybe next time you ought to rethink your pathetic attempts at humor by making fun of random, undeserving people. It's as nasty and vile as you and everyone else knows you really are.

Your dear friend,


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