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Thursday, October 13, 2005



Warm inside? At Giant?


Couldn't you have written "Thanks again for sharing your special place FHC" ? If you are going to be the only commenter, you'll have to write nice things like that lou !


Dear Tristan de Algiere y Veron,

I'm trying to attract other comments to this section. If I only wrote nice things, no one else would be encouraged to post.



Thanks for your pity-comment lou. We appreciate.


Come on, now boys..

You're missing the fact that clearly poor FHC is utterly demented. I don't consider myself necessarily that well-adjusted, but I don't day-dream of wrapping myself in meat.
Well, ground beef-meat (ha ha, gay humor, so fun)


Being utterly demented is not necessarily a bad thing either ... it can make life interesting.

Nice to see you remained up & running while the 'other blog' died quite tragically of avian flu.

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