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Tuesday, October 25, 2005



Isn't it weird that Alex S. has a wet, shirtless friendster photo? I feel that such pics should be reserved for those who are single, or those who have good bodies.

In other news, come to New York. None of us have parents here and we can only serve as surrogate domestic partners for LL for so long.


Hum...Fagat is cruising for a bruising obviously !!!

god Daaaamn boy... stalk much?

how does Fabreeese spell "obsess?"



linking to 'i probably hate you' caused a firestorm a while back. some bloggers decided to delink all those who linked to rocco's blog. personally, i didn't give a shit and found it rather amusing. they're all gay heathers anyway. and yes, you should stop by. and no, vividblurry ain't interesting enough to stalk.

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