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Thursday, October 27, 2005



And I forgot to blog about vividblurry who will be back in business tomorrow.


flu shots -- they only cover a few strains and you'd likely get a different one anyway so why bother.

going commando in a suit -- 2 things to remember. 1st, there's no undies to absorb any extra drippage from a quick run to the loo. 2nd, if you see anyone who slightly turns you on, everyone will know it.

vividblurry -- c'mon enough already.

i probably hate you -- if bad taste is his readership's, does that include you & i??? i'll just prefer to think it's all his.

balding preppy europeans can be sexy. especially if they have good teeth. however, balding preppy europeans who smoke may ruin their oral hygiene which could be detrimental to their sexyness factor.


PS -- that bartender guy is nothing every to worry over. he has an ok body but his nose ruins the whole appearance.

see i wouldn't have been so callously catty but i did read 'i probably hate you' today and it brings it out in me.

The Peoples Champ

Tombolini suits are pretty decent.

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