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Tuesday, December 20, 2005



OMG I'm dying to see King Kong.

Oh, and if you buy new jeans, can I have my Paper Denims back?

FHC himself...yes...yes

NO ! YOU GAVE THEM TO ME L !!!!!!!!!!!


I threw a pair of jeans away because they didnt fit in my suitcase... If I'd known you needed one, I would have given it to you so that you could wear it on the day you get thin!


I prefer Sevens, but also recommend Citizens for Humanity or Paper Denim & Cloth.

I can't believe you only have one pair of jeans...are you sure your a homosexual?

kevin d.

everyone knows i hate to criticize poor grammar. on a completely unrelated subject, i must commend iLoveSushi209 on her eloquent use of the english language. way to go, Sushi! i've always said that possesive pronouns and contracted verbs were unnecessarily and ruthlessly isolated from eachother. you blur those lines of grammatical perception, gurl!


We are in Boston. There is no anonymous sex here. Only snow. And Vineyard Vines accessories.

Which, really, is almost as good as sex.

Have fun in Paris!

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