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Monday, January 23, 2006



I'm going to a sample sale tonight so I can buy ManSevens and look like part of the HBP.

accursed Bryan

hmm, wouldn't aborting faggoty old me be a curse to get rid of a curse? god does that all the time, right?

wait, wait, this bitchy little blog isn't the place for relevant discourse? wha?


my friend went down and waved her Rx for birth control at them.

what are Googlefights?


P.S. The rules for "Fuck the Dealer" as found at are as follows:

"You should play this game with at least 3 people. First, you select someone to be the dealer and shuffle the cards.

Going clockwise someone starts by guessing what the top card of the deck will be. If they are not correct the dealer tells them if it is higher or lower than the card they guessed on the first try. Then after there[sic] 2nd try the dealer lays that card out on the table for everyone to see. Then it is the next person[sic] turn.

If the person guessing gets it correct on the 1st try the dealer has to drink 4 drinks, if they guess it on the second try the dealer has to drink 2. If the person doesn't guess it on either tries they have to drink the difference of the card on the second try.

After the dealer makes 3 people drink in a row they can pass the deck to another person of their choice."

As more and more cards are layed on the table in their pairs it is easier to guess what cards are left in the deck. The dealer usually has to drink a majority of the last quarter of the deck, hence the name "Fuck the Dealer."

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