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Friday, February 10, 2006



FHC would clearly be the kind of monkey that wipes its own ass and then throws feces at the other monkeys as a "joke."

interesting punctuation -- are you saying that your mom and your roommate don't get on your nerves? because that's how it's written!

kevin d.

um, whomever wrote that last comment is clearly a useess pain in the ass. if we're gonna start talkg about errors in punctuation and grammar and spelling on, i'm going to bed.

kevin d.

that should read useless and talking. we can blame my typos on my degenerative nerve disease. tristan is just plain illiterate.


MW interviews come with naked pics...


I loved this post! I vote for LL to fill in the survey tomorrow.

Alex A

Good one!

Kevin D should be spanked for suggesting Dominic to cast for your role in the movie...

I volunteer to administer the fessees...

Jim M

I suppose it would be too obvious to point out the irony in your answer about turn offs.


I loved your entry. I would actually use the following image if you were to appear in MW:

Have a good weekend!

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