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Thursday, March 30, 2006



That's so funny, because I posted a casual encounter hoping Kevin D. would answer.

kevin d.

i only reply to casual encounter postings with cock AND ass shots, silly. plus, you made no mention of golden showers, so i was disinclined to respond.

kevin d.

fyi, two fellow ENTJs are bill gates and margaret thatcher. i believe you have more in common with margaret than bill. bill, you see, is successful and enjoys the love and respect of his family. you and margaret, on the other hand, take your coffee black, like you prefer your men, and the shape and consistency of your thighs are remarkably similar.


Ouch, Kevin D. is really laying the smack down. Are you going to stand for that FHC? Don’t feel shame for your ENTJ status, I’m an ENTP.

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