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Monday, March 20, 2006



Alternatively, you could always have waited for another person's dog to come along to "take care of" (read: eat) the mess without getting your hands dirty.


FHC, this is quite ironic. Last night I had a dream you were my father's girlfriend's son, and you threw horse poop at me when I met you at their "farm" and then later bumped into you on the streets of our fair city and you threw dog poop at me. Then this morning I show up to work and read your blog and there is this bit. It is very scaring--i'm not sure I can read your resurrected blog anymore.

FHC himself...yes...yes

Andrew: are you calling my mother a wh*re ?


I spent a very productive senior year at Yale pickup up Shitzu poop. And once, Allysha Powanda's poop.


The word is coprophageous, and it is not used nearly enough. It is so much more euphonious than "shit-eating."

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