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Sunday, May 14, 2006



You know, FHC, this blog does get several hits a day from NPR.

kevin d.

i would like to know who wrote this entry. did mommy and daddy help you?

Alex A

Finally something worth reading, after weeks of useless prose on selfindulgence.

Good job!

Tristan himself...yes...yes

If that's ok, I am going to ignore your comment Alex.


Is Alex A. an apparatchiks?

kevin d.

incorrect, sinore! i thought this was the most boring blog i've seen in weeks (especially since no names were mentioned--especially mine). if i want to read thoughtful writing i'll buy a REAL BOOK. this blog is the perfect venue for useless prose on selfindulgent topics. that's what a personal blog is. and who, i beg of you, could be better at useless self indulgent bullshit prose than our fhc???
about a million other blog authors, i guess...

Frederico C

That is what my former english teacher would define as "a very interesting piece of writing". Well done FHC, a change in contents is always good, even if it happens only once!

mark. h

i think your post would have been more interesting had you provided details about that curly-haired twink you were sodomizing yesterday afternoon when kevin and i got home from church. oh well.

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