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Tuesday, May 09, 2006



FHC - I need to get more sneakers!


This is appalling.

Also, a total ripoff of Monday Night Drinking NIGHT (R.I.P.) instituted in Tenleytown in the summer of 2001.


I think Fagat is just bitter that FHC's social references and name dropping habits don't revolve around people named "Dylan" and "Fabian."

Gerard Q.

Oh FHC, as if I needed another reminder of why I enjoy you so much...J'aime...

mark h.

hilarious. i love it.


this is kinda ridiculous- have you been talking to my mom?

and note to fagat-- MNDC is actually a ripoff of monday night drinking CLUB started at *vassar* circa 1999. we have always been forthright with that..(anything that started in tenleytown sounds pretty lame)

bien fait, FHC~


Pull those reigns back, Napoleon...I thought my psychiatrist had his work cut out for him with my baggage--thank god I didn't have to climb that horse.

I had never realized the monday night drinking club was so elite. I must have slipped in on the low income carpet-ride. that's the one ON WHICH the two teachers and public defender ride...and sometimes carlos, the non-white, with hands in the air throughout the entire journey, mind you, giggling like school girls with every pass...weeeee

And, my scruff just may lead one to assume that I am purposefully disheveled; yet, you may rest assured that it is simply a result of my own indolence.

So, despite its origin, senor, you should join next week. You can come to the oh so posh duplex diner and sip Michelob with me. I'll swing by on my magic carpet beforehand if you like, unless your wealthy European family has already purchased you a mode of transport. :)


Sam. I’ll gladly come taste some of that unaffected indolence, semi-poverty, latino atmosphere on a Monday night as soon as LL returns to DC as I am a bit afraid to go by myself.



a new guy called Carlos

That has to be one of the funniest things I have ever read and I’ve never even been to the diner on a Monday night. Thank you for nice work day interlude FHC.

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