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Thursday, May 11, 2006



I already place an incredibly high value on free food, and I won't hit the 30 year mark for years.


hey LL,

we've got five years
stuck on my eye
five years
what a surprise
five years
my brain hurts a lot
five years
and that's all we've got

Vincent P.

How fatalistic the comment of this Bryan guy, as if reaching 30 was the end of life. Let me tell you what happens at 30: You still look very good, you have more money, you don't have the traumas and psychological issues on your 20s,it's rare that you have lousy sex and you avoid uninteresting twinks and don't care about it!


nah, i was just quoting a song.

kevin d.

but at what cost, vincent p.? at what cost?

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