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Thursday, July 20, 2006



I need a gym membership. Please sponsor me at $70 a month and I will waive the activation fee. Thx,


Dop Troutman

Hey F ~ thanks for the shout out!


you are better looking

kevin d.

dear fan,
your opinion on fhc's level of comparative attractivenes to other equally insufferable french homosexuals is duly noted. however, i cannot help but to point out to you that fhc's laissez faire approach to personal hygiene does not convey so pungently over the medium of the blog as it does in person. in this facet, fhc is not unlike the titan arum, or the "corpse flower," which can grow to be 10 feet tall and is known for its strong putrid odor which has been compared with the smell of rotting flesh and can be detected from half a mile away. while fhc will never reach the towering height of ten feet, much less surpass the modest stature of a moderately built hobbit, he is nonetheless what many dully sensed people with limited standards call "attractive," not unlike the exotic flowers of the titan arus, not to mention that the aromas of both fhc and the titan arus are equally appealing to the creatures who thrive on rotting flesh: vultures, horseflies, and twinks.

Kevin W

It's so obvious that fan is actually FHC

Russ W

... and is Kevin D. referring to L.L. as "vultures, horseflies and twinks"... which is it?



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