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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Frederico C

Despite "l'attaque française" against my country, I still have faith that Italy wins the World Cup.. That's what happens when you're a mix of different natinalities: it's very likely that the winner is one of the many teams you cheer for!!!


FHC, would you like to take surfing lessons next? I hear that's what all the cool kids on the block are doing?

I think Fagat invented "embarrassing for everyone involved" in the '80s.

Mark H.

you know the worst thing about last night?

some insolent little youth told me that i reminded him of blanche deveraux. which i guess isn't all that bad considering her co-stars. but still, every once in a while i get the feelign that maybe i've hit a tipping point, and that from here on out it's all downhill.

drinking alone, crying myself to sleep, trying to find a reason (any reason) not to jump off the ledge,
mark h.


LL is right on this one, FHC.

But then again, this is Ben T. we're talking about. Taking things that belong to us and claiming them for himself is like a lifetime gig.

Kevin W

On second thought, I think it was more the haircut that reminded me of Blanche Deveraux than the relentless innuendo and fondling.

Russell W

Was it a strategic omission in leaving out the fact that there was a rooftop full of gays singing a rendition of the Golden Girls theme song while watching fireworks, or is that something that we all care to forget?

what's that rose? i mean, kevin?

Dorothy [to Blanche]: Is that all you care about? Money and applause?

Blanche: And sex. For which I usually *get* applause.

kevin d.

you are all so very gay.

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