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Tuesday, July 04, 2006



Now that we have sailing and tennis covered, our next lesson is how to make dirty martinis.

kevin d.

i think this pic of you "playing" tennis is a well balanced fashion faux pas. the minusculity of your shorts is only slightly overshadowed by the gargantuanness of your sunglasses.


Wow FHC, you're transformation from silly Frenchman to preppy New England WASP is really coming along. Actually, WASC I think is more appropriate in your case. And by the way, you were told wrong about your preppy sports. Polo is numero uno followed by alcoholism, sailing, sodomy, croquet, liberal recreational prescription drug usage, tennis and then golf. You should have come to a B&B in Newport, you could have seen a polo match, sailed on an America's Cup 12 meter and then played a match at the International Tennis Hall of Fame. God, just typing that makes me sick from over-preppiness. Cheers.


This was truly a festive time.

If FHC's parents were on the ball when he was a little boy, we have no doubt that today he would be a tennis god.

Can you imagine anything worse?

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