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Sunday, August 20, 2006



Oh F . . . the tears may dry up . . .


Thank G-d you are back. We missed you both very dreadfully. Plus, we were running out of racist jokes...

Oliver de la Chat

dear loyal readers of fhc's resurrected blog,

for further notice please note:
1. my name is spelt with ONE l.
2. i am never bored. i may lick myself whenever and wherever i please.
3. i am glad jon left for new york. he never once bothered to change my poop box, not to mention he was allowed to pee all over the place WITHOUT getting punished.
4. and furthermore, i would like to personally thank fhc for having more hair than drew w. it is so very unfulfilling to lick a bald head.

all my love,
Oliver de la C.

honey child

Breaking up sucks. Stock up on prescription pills, with or withOUT prescriptions. Stat.

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