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Wednesday, September 06, 2006



It's true - I never bid on eBay without first consulting FHC about timing and price. Obvi it's going to be hard to kick my dependence.

kevin d.

dear ll.
you know i love you, especially since you moved back to nyc and no longer urinate all over my bathroom. (it has not once smellt of urea since you left.)
however, if i am to consider you a friend, as i do, i also must treat you as a friend. and when my friends are clearly walking down a path of despair and generally bad ilk, i inform them of their misguided ways. "obvi" is never acceptable, unless you are a priveleged surfer brat from venice beach. please for the love of all that is good, never, ever, ESPECIALLY in print/type use that word in a serious fashion, less you would like to be forever ridiculed and looked down upon for the rest of your life by anyone with half an iota of a brain
all my love,
kevin bin laden.

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