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Tuesday, September 19, 2006



I agree. I feel much better looking in DC than in NYC.

New Fagat

Maybe if you didn't spend all your time here sh*tfaced and licking people's faces you would like it a little more.

Old Fagat

Our ex-boyfriend's horrid new boyfriend is in that article. However, Luigi Tadini (not horrid) is very charming and we can introduce the two of you if you like.


No, Old (wrinkled and grisly) Fagat, you can't.

Funny stuff.

But I'm gonna have to call BS on your suggestion that Washingtonians are boring and uncultured in comparison to New Yorkers, and that somehow you are excepted from this general rule. Somehow I can't quite picture you out at Apex -- shitfaced and full of guile -- cottoning up to some fashionista trying to deconstruct Ullyses whilst Beyonce blares in the background.

Not, of course, unless the boy in question happens to look like that Luigi character....

Mark H.

oops. that last comment comes from your truly. ;)

Old Fagat

Now "Old Fagat" automatically pops up in my autofill forms on blogger. Poop.

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