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Monday, September 04, 2006



FF the rumor on the street is that the WE was really great even if you only spent it with "friends."


Thank you for coming, FHC, we're glad you had such a good time. FYI - Fagats will be posted on Craigslist later in the week, but Cub is listed by private appointment only. And you probably couldn't afford him, anyway.


FHC, everyone has a price. I would like a new fall wardrobe, please. Or French lessons.


sublet his blog? wtf does that mean? no one could possibly guest edit that thing.

sorry about the breakup thing, FHC. even though we don't know each other I've always enjoyed your site and feel bad that you have to go through it.


Thanks Aatom. Very kind of you. Can we date ?


it's tempting, Tristan, I won't lie, even sight unseen. but DC would be a bit of a bitch commute-wise for me - I'm hesitant to start anything even in a borough. I have no doubt you will be back on your feet (or perhaps on your back?) in no time though...

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