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Monday, October 16, 2006



Meeting so many fellow commenters on this blog was a true delight. Mucho gusto, Frederico C and MegaDCFag.

And on a side note, next time we hang out with your friends, we're learning French first. It was not lost on us that many times when we pretended to understand a group joke and chuckled along, in reality, we were laughing at ourselves...


Fagat: Now you know what it's like.

Frederico C

I was very happy to welcome FHC and his friends in my "own natural environment" and to attend Sergio's kind invitation to a very tasteful birthday party.

It was a short but very pleasant weekend as it is not everyday that I get the visit of such a celebrity.

Moreover, I was finally able to put a face on some of this blog's most illustrious commenters.

I thought about disclosing FHC's behaviour here in Lisbon but since he wrote such nice comments about my hometown, I'll leave it up to him...

As for you, FHC, now that you've seen that "Lisbon is a vibrant up-and-coming European city", make sure to come back again as I'm still going to be trapped here for a while...

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