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Wednesday, October 11, 2006



It wasn't so much "recommended" as left behind with some other pieces of dirty laundry, tennis rackets, and flip-flops.

Old Fagat

We kind of really liked that book.

your sad little situation of not getting laid has nothing to do with what books you are reading, or in your case, what books you are just carrying around for three months. anyway, we all know that you only try to get laid by cracked out twinks who haven't touched a book since they dropped out of 8th grade.


This is more Kevinesque...

David D

I actually loved that book and am always impressed when people can look beyond the author's weird personal musings and just enjoy the passion of the story.


back when I was a comp. lit. major, every year there were one or two straight girls or homo boys who ardently loved Rand and that book. The rest of us usual mocked them until they transferred to the english dept. and/or developed an eating disorder.

New Fagat

We read the book before we knew you, but in our mind Ellsworth Toohey looked kind of like you.


this gay loves all slavic women...except for the ukrainians (except again for daria the werbowy)


Back when I was twelve (which wasn't too long ago) my father made me read that book. I remember being really pissed off at not being able to see all the "remarkable" buildings Roark designed. Being the good little son of my capitalist father and narcissistic mother, one could not expect me to do anything other than relate myself to the tragicly handsome and bold hero.
As for not being able to use this as amo at parties... don't cut yourself short. I can think of nothing more pretentious (ie fun) than discussing Ayn Rand; especially when you know over half the people in the conversation (of course the more adamant half) will not even have read the book, but will simply remember that great art deco cover that has intimidated them with it's sheer width for so long.
Finally, je ne sais pas que tu es francais. C'est une tragédie que je parle francais comme je mange mon hamburger: butchered, chopped and covered in mayonnaise.
Maybe you can help me learn before I go to Paris next semester?

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