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Thursday, October 19, 2006



For those of you who haven't seen Plant M. lately, it has approximately one, very brown, leaf.

Russ W.

I will adopt "Plant M." if need be... I have been feeling very Madonna esque lately. I lost all of the plants in my divorce last year, I had to steal some from the neighbour in my last apartment to fill in the black hole where my heart used to be!


lol, rofl, mdr


I almost cried

Dr. MegaDCFag

Once one of my many therapists told me: "If you keep talking and telling stories about your first ex, it means you are not yet totally over him". I guess you should kill that plant. However, I loved your little nicious story.

David D

I agree with the Dr. Let the love fern die. Get a new plant to celebrate being single.

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