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Tuesday, November 07, 2006



Dear FHC: Can you please return with an autograph? I'll bring you gifts.

New Fagat

Don't worry FHC - there are going to be so many more democratic congressional aides in D.C. when you get back and they tend to actually be out of the closet and i hear they like nice european boys.


New Fagat, this blog is not a place to pimp out my ex-boyfriend.

Smooch smooch.

Old Fagat (outed!)

We would object to our likeness being used in such a wanton manner, if it that photo was not the perfect emblem of our trip abroad.

We think, by the way, that we have another such picture from our stay in Lisbon. Except the boy in underpants in the background is quite a bit shorter, and a slightly more bald...

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