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Saturday, December 30, 2006



What on EARTH possessed you to write this post?

Now everyone's going to use this routine!!


Fagat stop encouraging him!


what happend in the last hour?


FHC- In Europe you didn't seem so sophisticated, you were more the "Guys gone wild" type. I fully agree with Rodolphe B approach. Regardless that you have a guest room in your new charming cave, you don't want to risk any piece of that eBay museum to be disappeared by next morning.


ok, fhc, publishing the routine removes what there is, if any, of intrigue, mystery, or anticipation, right? but i'm sure you know this, so are you actually *retiring* your hookup routine, passing it on to the next generation?


Nina Simone...


I so remember doing that. Just kidding. I'm so intrigued by Ave Maria, though.

And yeah, I'm a target for a foriegn accent.

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