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Tuesday, January 02, 2007



please stop making my roommate cry. it keeps me up at night.

Mark H.

Hey weinerdog, I did indeed get laid NYE. Sorry that meant I could not return your drunken texts from 4:29 and 5:01 A.M. begging for sex. Maybe you'll get lucky next year though!

Russ W.

Mark H. and 32 minutes of sex, not likely!


Well Mark, the text messages were actually for Ernesto. As you declined to give me his number, I thought you’d relay them.


Finally, I made the list! I've always wondered what pithy phrase you would use to describe me. This seems wildly appropriate, given my fondness for the Marxist maxim that I would not want to participate in any club that would have me as a member. And now Fagat has re-instated me, so you can safely give me the boot as well!

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