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Thursday, January 04, 2007



I am oddly attracted to you now.


Thanks for the link - this is quite the nicest blog that links to me.


Thank You very much for introducing me to the Jackal, which has become in one day my favorite blog, displacing Fagat to #2, FrenchBenj to #3 and FHC to #4. Jackal has a really interesting life. I am planning to become part of the blogosphere myself very soon.

Old Fagat

You didn't pick up.

MegaDCFag, we will fight our way back to the top, just you wait...


I love that you're trolling for a husband on Myspace. Arn't a majority of them still under age?

Mark H.

I just realized that, amidst the bloodbath of last Sunday, I forgot to wish you a happy new year. I really hope that this will be the year for you!


oh Sushi...under age ...under what ? it's all relative.

I think you should be a novelist


i'll take a bite of sushi and say that i'd be happy to sleep with you if i'm ever in DC. i hope 19 isn't too old, after all, i am legal now...

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