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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Mark H.

Dear Friend in Christ,

Please permit me to clear up a misconception or two that your post may have inadvertently encouraged in your reader(s?).

I should begin by pointing out that I am already the head of the most popular and powerful clique in DC. We are known as the AA List. And as our name suggests, we are clearly at least twice as superior as the members of the lesser A List. Of course, it may be true that I find my friendship with my tyrannical friends both tempting and repellant, as it is based mostly on peer pressure, domination and vanity. Consider, for instance, the cruel way in which some of us have refused to accept your repeated Friendster requests. But this is simply no excuse for you to go on an yet another Alzolam binge.

You are a beautiful person, FHC. And though most people in this world cannot see it, I truly believe that God does.

Have a blessed day,

PS: If you have any extra Alzolam, please save a couple pills for me for this weekend.

oliver d.

is there room for a furry pussy at your social event?

Mark H.

Oliver: Meow.

Mark H.

Oliver: Meeeeooowwww.

Mark H.

Oliver: Meeeeooowwww.

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