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Monday, April 02, 2007


Mark H.

Oh, FHC, I rather like my scar. It gives me a certain edge, I think, and I'm hoping that will be just what I need to get laid!


Tim K.

You have all the edge you need with that sharp sense of style. Just don't go unconscious before the climax.


We are not having this discussion on MY blog.

Old Fagat

Frankly, this seems like the perfect place for this discussion. Please continue.

Mark H.

Thanks Fagat. Now Tim, are you being facetious? Because I don't want to have to go Chuck Norris on you.

Tim K.

Yes, really, thanks Fagat. Tristan Paris may object, but in the end he started it.

But Mark, I mean every word. It's been a while, but at least I don't recall ever being offended by your outfits. That's something.

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