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Sunday, April 15, 2007



for starters, yoga sucks; but if you must, here are some good rules:
first, i'd suggest pot over klonopin
second, always bring a friend who has some idea what's going on. then, just follow them the whole time.
third, wear sweatpants so your shorts dont fall down and create weird situations when things... pop out. preferably wear juicy velour, that pisses all the hippies off.
finally, DON'T TAKE IT WITH A WOMAN. have a man. that way he will come over and inappropriately guide you. i think you'll especially enjoy this part.


yes classes like that are seemingly impossible the first few times--and by few i mean like 10. even when i hit a core power class it is very hard, and i'm a regular bikram person. so when you go, in your mind ready that image of a kitten hanging on to a tree branch and think "hang in there."

also, years of yoga and i've never had a male instructor i've wanted to touch me. though i do have a friend i wish would touch me more, and he is a yoga instructor so i do suppose they exist.

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